We test our equipment and inspect before we hire it out to any of our clients and never fail to surprise new clients with the quality of equipment that is supplied for the money paid, but also with our professional attitude and behavior, towards them. We ensure we arrive at your event promptly at the agreed time and never a minute late. Whatever the size of the event, Ventso is willing to assist.



“THE IMPORTANT THING IS NOT THE CAMERA BUT THE EYE.” This is truly a philosophy we live up to and believe that our brand captivates and demonstrates exceptional performance in our photography.




Using video for your business allows you to tell engaging, involving stories that can sway a consumer’s choice and change their perceptions, affecting both reason and emotions. At it’s best, video has a very real impact on the way potential consumers view the world.

It creates an impression, influences a mood, and displays things in a way that helps your target audience to gain a fresh understanding about a specific topic, and more importantly your product or service. Any video production can exhibit a level of quality in terms of how professionally it has been shot and edited as well as continuity, sound production and effects – its production values.

For this reason, finding a professional video production company which understands your business and how to capture a viewer’s imagination is vital.